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While we could patch verifyLicenseFile: Quit gdb and let's instead search for another piece of code that calls verifyPath:. In the otx dump, find the following in awakeFromNib:. Since awakeFromNib is executed at launch, we can safely assume that if we override this check, we can fool the app into thinking it's registered. The easiest way to do that is to change the je into a jne, essentially reversing its meaning. If we simply switch the binary code for the je to , at address c9c, we should have our crack.

Let's test it out in gdb.

iExplorer 4.2.7 Crack Registration Code [Windows + MAC]

We break on awakeFromNib so we're able to fiddle around while the app is frozen. Now here's the confusing thing to be aware of: While on disk, the binary code is normal, intel is a little-endian system which puts the most significant byte last, and thus reverses every four-byte block in memory. We recognize the first two bytes from earlier. We need to switch the first two bytes to Let's start by disassembling the method so we can better see our way around. Find the relevant statement:. Here we set the first byte at 0xc9c. By simply counting in hexadecimal, we know that the next byte goes at address 0xc9d, and set it as such.

Let's disassemble again to check if the change was done right. We should only have changed 74 to 75, and not 09 to Let's fix our mistake. We're in, and the app thinks we're a legitimate customer. Time to get wasted and party! I recommend Vessel nightclub in downtown San Francisco. Well, not quite. We still need to make our change permanent. As it currently stands, everything will be erased as soon as we quit gdb. We need to edit the code on disk, in the actual binary file. Let's find a chunk of our edited binary big enough that it likely won't be repeated in the whole binary.

That's the memory representation of the code, a whole 8 blocks of four bytes starting at 0xc9c. Taking endianness into account, we must reverse them and we get the following:. The very first byte of the series is the 74 that we switched into By changing it back, we can deduce the original binary code to be:. Let's open the binary in a hex editor. I used vim, but feel free to use any hex editor at this point. HexFiend has a great GUI. The first part, before the colon, is the address of block.

Dr.Fone 9.9.4 Crack + Serial Key [Mac/Win/Aandroid] Full Toolkit

Following it are 16 bytes, broken off in two-byte segments. Incidentally, every Mach-O binary starts with the hex bytes cafebabe. Drunk Kernel programmers probably thought it'd be funny. Now that we have our beautiful hex code loaded up, let's search for the first two bytes of our code to replace:. Too many results to make sense of. Let's add another two bytes. Search for " 8b45" instead and boom, only one result:. And… We're done! Objective-C makes it really easy to mess with an app's internals. Try to program the licensing mechanism for your app in pure C, that will already make it harder for me to find my way around your binary.

And what if your software doesn't have an option to enter registration key? I'm trying to crack sparkol Videoscribe latest version 2.

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Please help me! I got a problem using this ollydb,, after setting up the breakpoint the CPU status says "paused" and then I can't open the program I wanted to crack anymore,I mean the program halt, what should I do can someone help me pls? Thanks for this tut, but i need some debugger for mac os x app so i can crack the app i want. On my home computer windows 10 the software was running me in circles too, from what I can tell and I'm not sure but it looks like it doesn't like Windows 10 and maybe not 64 bit. The software is an older software that's probably only good up till windows 8 so you may have to get ya a cheap laptop with Windows 7.

And that's how you get your through with your software reg but if you finding any difficulties in that just contact me on the email on my bio that's when you click on my profile. Great work.. Hlo eveyone IM 16 yrs old And i learnt reverse engineering but i cannot Reverse programs That says A Dubegger has been found running in your system ,please upload it to memory and try again This error comes when i open the program in ollydbg Please some one help me personally..

Hi, I am facing an issue in my company, mine is a small startup. We cannot work like that, and for getting multiple keys they are asking huge amount which a student startup company like mine cannot handle. I am attaching the software snap here. It seems very complicated for me as I am not an expert in IT. Someone please help. Search for high interest DLLs. Requirements Windows for examples only, debuggers exist across platforms A debugger installed: IDA , ollydbg , etc.

Step 2 Run the Program in a Debugger Run ollydbg. Open up the program you wish to bypass with ollydbg. Click the play button to run the program with the debugger attached. By stepping into the function with the debugger, we can examine the registration specifically. Test to see which one works to break out of the activation loop by right clicking the DLL call and setting a breakpoint for all instances of that call.

Resume the program and enter any software key you feel like. If the debugger breaks pauses the program's execution after entering your key, then you know you found DLL in step 5. EAX is the return of a value, which means that a check is being performed here. Upon examination, we can see that the EAX is checking for a number that is not equal to a null value.

Before you begin

This means that if it is replaced with anything other than null, it will run. Right-click the EAX and change it in hex value to 1, instead of 0.

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Resume the program again, and you will have successfully activated the program. And for proof it was registered to me: Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Well I seem to have found the point where the reference lies but canoot find the pass Yeah, Same. Maybe try to turn off your Internet during the process. A well placed jump and nop will normally do the trick. Whenever I search for "Intermodule Calls" nothing comes up? Fundy album designer software crackable???