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Now, about one week ago, I came back to easyHDR by chance and purchased it immediately! All I could learn with it until now is just great: My main concern is to produce absolutely natural looking pictures: So, I think this is an extremely good job you did: Maybe that I even start again with astro photography, which I tried with some piddly steps years ago.

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I bought EasyHDR a few hours after my first contact with the subject. It is extremely easy indeed to grasp the concept of HDR using your software. Congratulations for this excellent work. Purchased your program and had excellent results. Enlarged my photos 8 by 10 that I used with you program and they turned out beautiful.

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My friends that were shown the pictures agreed that the program really enhanced then professionally. Easy to use and has advance controls when you want to learn more. I found your program by chance and after playing just a short time with it I purchased end of August immediately. Since then my workflow has fully changed. Also editing of single jpgs works great. I really wish I had discovered this excellent software before.

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Just to let you know and say thank you! And I have to praise the plug in features added to Lightroom that enable fully automatic creation of HDR images. The program has low cost and is actually worth a higher price when I think of all the features I get for the money. I'm a licensed user and I'm really impressed with and like this software. I'm a senior software developer and I recognize skilled work and effort. I appreciate and admire what you have done. JavaScript support is required to run this website properly. Please enable it in your browser's settings, or turn off the script blocker.

Thank You my Friend! Michael Shor. Trevor Batstone. Tuesday, October 27th, I just purchased easyHDR after having used many other fusion programs over the years. David Hollebone.

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John Wiltshire. Sunday, August 22nd, Thank you for such a great product! La recherche se fait je pense sur le serveur. Donc une liste des noms de compositeur, puis par un click sur un compositeur affichage de la liste de ces titres. Combinaison de: Ben non! Un certain Jean-Louis G. With the iPhone 2.

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For example there is no supported access to the Calendar Store of the device and of course there is no Tasks databases of any kind. If either of these show up at some point we will be ready to support them immediately and directly. To sync this data requires a network connection and for us to provide alarms we have to be able to send push notifications from a server.

With all those considerations in mind we designed a solution that is flexible, easy to use, and secure.

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Why use a server solution? Simple really. We know that alarms must be as reliable as possible. We use the open source Funambol server and our own custom SyncML clients on the desktop and iPhone to sync your Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts all optional to our own trusted Xserve. We are using the GPLed unmodified version of the server which means that Enterprises, Small Businesses, or even individuals can run their own server and simply point Pocket Informant and the desktop sync client to your own server instead of ours.

Tout ou presque est possible. Eight years of feedback, hard work, and engineering to build its multiple views, hundreds of settings, and actions. It would not be practical for us to promise that the iPhone version will be comparable to the Windows Mobile version on its first release or anytime near it. Tags vs Dossiers? Audio, Hi-fi. Bureautique, graphisme. En attendant le grand remplacement, ces deux gammes portables vont coexister pendant encore quelques temps, que ce soit dans les rayons des Apple Store ou dans ceux, virtuels, du refurb.

Mais fera-t-on une bonne affaire pour autant? Pour le reste, difficile de le recommander: Plus cher que notre budget…. Un exemple: Et le MacBook emporte le double de stockage. Pour finalement me tourner vers un MacBook Pro Retina 13 d'occasion dans ce budget. Pas de choix possible pour moi. J'ai besoin de tous les ports que peut offrir le MBA. C'est une torture.

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Bref tous les choix interdit par le dictat de la finesse. Et bien sur le forum qui va bien: Au final Windows, que j'aime beaucoup est bien plus performant dans ce cas. Toute leur camelote ultra-fine ne m'impressionne pas!