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How to defrag EXTERNAL drive? (Mountain Lion OSX) | MacRumors Forums

Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best software to defrag and optimize drive in lion. I follow the steps mentionned in page 30 of the SuperDuper! User's Guide! I was developed a problem with There was some sort of defrag taking place in this restore. As deggie mentioned, this is generally not necessry.

As a software developer, I create and delete hundreds of thousands of files every day. Fragmentation is not an issue on my drives. In practice the OS and filesystem manage this well. For professionals creating very large files, they will be doing so on externally-managed RAID arrays, avoiding fragmentation issues.

How to Defrag a Mac Hard Drive

You can emulate this by using a second, scratch disk. You might also see improved IO by doing this. If you want to defrag for fun, clone your drive, reformat it, and restore from the clone. This would probably be easier if you have separate system and work partitions on the drive. Aug 7, 8: Which clone software you recommend? How to defrag HD on More Less. There is also a chance that one of the files placed in the "hot band" for rapid reads during system startup might be moved during defragmentation, which would decrease performance.

A decent defragmenter is "hot band aware", and won't behave like this. Trust me I've seen considerable gains from defragmenting on a Mac, not least that bootcamp actually works.

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I suggest also taking a look at Server Fault's answers as well: The most popular options for defragmenting a hard drive for OS X I've used and run across are: Chealion Chealion I hadn't heard of iDefrag, i'll have a look at it. Dan Walker Dan Walker 8, 30 I hope that works better than other background defraggers.

I had to give up using Diskkeeper because of the constant drive nuisance.

OSX defragments files under 20MB. It doesn't remove directory fragmentation spaces between whole files. Nor does it defragment in the background, it actually defrags on the fly during file access read and write operations. In some cases, one-off defragmentation is a necessity. I'll add an answer under Do Macs need to be defragmented? Check versions carefully on iDefrag site, latest version causes havoc with el capitan and older OSs.

Best software to defrag and optimize drive in lion

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