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Teach you how to dress real stylish, I'm the wildest Nothin' on me lookin' childish Fire talk, I am hot And, y'all is just some mild sauce Got my clothes tailored, fit so nicely Soon you'll see these mothafuckers dressin' just like me [Hook x2]. Toggle navigation. Mac Miller - Snap Back Lyrics.

Snap Back.

Mac Miller - Snap Back - lyrics

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Snap Back lyrics Mac Miller

The voices turned out to be none other than Drake and Lloyd. So Far Gone was a classic mixtape that dropped just a year prior, so it was smart of Mac Miller to do a flip and make it his own.

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The way he flowed over that sample and those drums? He had to know he had one. Even though he was just a kid, Mac Miller had an ear for dope beats. Whether or not they were from before his time mattered none. The sample in this beat always gave me the impression that something was on the verge of happening.

Something big. He was born a couple years after me, but you could tell he was wise beyond his years.

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He was a student of the game. His subject matter, samples he used, and beat selection made him an old soul in my eyes. Mac also might have been the first artist that I followed on my own from the beginning. I watched him breakthrough, join that XXL Freshman class, make history by topping the Billboard independently, and blossom into an undeniably talented fully fledged artist.