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Select the pictures you want to view. If you want the whole folder, just press Command-A to select all. A new window opens and the first image in the selection fills the window.

Create custom icons for files or folders on Mac

Using Quick Look. To move between the images press the Right Arrow key to move forward or the Left Arrow key to move backward. At the top of the window are right and left arrows. Click them to move forward or backward. If you have a Magic Mouse , swiping left and right will move you forward and backward through the images. There is another way to open Quick Look.

Want to have a full-screen view? Click the Full-Screen button to the right of the close button.

How to change Folder icon. and pictures into icons for folders.

Want to view the images as a slideshow? Want to see an Index Sheet of the images? Want to see an Index Sheet in Full-Screen view? Click the Index Sheet button in the Controller. To zoom in on an image in Quick Look, press the Option key , With the Option key held down, click and drag around the image.

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I can never find the folder I want on my desktop with all of them blue. In one approach, start by clicking once on a desktop folder to select it, and then press the Command and I keys on the keyboard to open its Get Info box. As an alternative, you can right-click or hold down the Control key and click the icon and choose Get Info from the contextual menu that appears.

At the top of the Get Info box, click the folder icon once to select it and then press the Command and C keys to copy it; you can also choose the Copy command from the Edit menu if you are averse to keyboard shortcuts. In the Adjust Color panel, move the Saturation, Temperature, Tint and other sliders around until the sample folder in the box is the color you want to use. Mac Print Edit Send fan mail to authors.

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