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Even though the earliest Runic inscriptions are from the 3rd century CE, its origin may lie much deeper in the pre-history of Northern Europe. A few clues might shed light on this.

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The earliest Futhark inscriptions don't have a fixed writing direction, but instead can be written either left-to-right or right-to-left, which was a feature of very archaic Greek or Etruscan alphabets before the 3rd century BCE. Other clues to the age of Futhark come from the history of Germanic languages. This means that the letter must have been created when there was a need for its sound, but due to tradition was kept in the alphabet even when there was no need for it anymore. This means that the original spellings of the words were standardized during Proto-Germanic times, and due to the conservative nature of the writing system, the original forms of the words were preserved even after their pronuncations had changed over time.

All of these clues, both external and internal, suggest the time of Futhark's creation to the 1st millenium BCE. But as languages changed and more Germanic groups adopted it, Futhark changed as well to suit the language that it came to write.

Elder Futhark

An early offshoot of Futhark was employed by Goths, and so it is known as Gothic Runes. It was used until CE when it was replaced by the Greek-based Gothic alphabet. One theory concerning the origin of Futhark states that the Goths were the inventors of Futhark, but there is insufficient supporting evidence to prove this theory. In England, the Anglo-Saxons brought Futhark from continental Europe in the 5th century CE and modified it into the letter "Futhorc" to accommodate sound changes that were occurring in Old English, the language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons.

The new letters compensated for sound changes in Old English.

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And finally, many new vowels arose in Old English, so a lot of new vowel letters were created. In Scandinavia, Futhark also evolved around the 9th century CE.

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Instead of 24 letters, the Scandinavian "Younger" Futhark had 16 letters. There were two major varieties of Younger Futhark, namely Danish and Swedish-Norwegian, as illustrated in the following chart:.

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The cause of this reduction of letters in Younger Futhark is tied to very complex phonological changes that occurred in the Old Nordic language. As many old letters were removed from the alphabet, several of the remaining letters were overloaded to represent multiple sounds: Links Ancient Scripts Omniglot Rune Test If you see a question mark or a bunch of squares below, then you need to install a rune font. Make sure you have a Runic font Runes are important for linguists studying ancient Germanic and Old English texts and Unicode Runes will allow them to create and share standardized archives.

Step 3: Install a third-party Unicode Runic keyboard utility look on Google.

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Step 4: Make sure the utf-8 encoding tag is included Your file should be ready to post. But expect a little bit of debugging to occur. The standard commenting utility has been disabled due to hungry spam.

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