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Are you a Mac user looking for legal pleading templates? Microsoft offers several options here. Customized templates from our office are different than the typical Microsoft version. Additionally, our templates are macro-enabled and take users through a series of prompts to generate a proper case caption and document name on a line pleading.

Legal pleading paper (28 lines)

Saving Pleading Templates is a Bit Tricky. Templates belong in the My Templates directory at: Unfortunately, My Templates is part of the Library folder which is hidden by default if you are using Mac OS 7 or later. To access the Library and save pleading templates to the My Templates folder, follow these steps: Verify that Word can find and run the template: Customized Templates for Oregon Lawyers. I like to define styles to make formatting easier to edit and apply down the road.

In my case, I bold and center the text and switch the font to Times New Roman.

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With your cursor still in the line you just typed, hold your mouse over the Heading style in the Styles Drawer. A little down arrow will appear immediately to the right. Click it and choose Redefine Style from Selection. This will allow you to apply an identical style in other areas of the document if needed, and if you ever need to change its format, you need only do it in one place and the updated style will automatically apply to every occurrence.

Captions in my jurisdiction are the typical two column format with the parties listed on the left and the case number on the right. When I see two columns I naturally think of a table.

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Click Table in the tool bar. Uncheck the Header Row box and reduce the number of rows to one and the columns to two. Next, grab the handle in the middle of the right column and drag it all the way to the right side of the page.

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You may have to first click outside of the table and the somewhere inside of the table to get this to appear. The columns should remain equal widths. To make the inverted T style of caption, turn off the borders on the top and left of the left column and the top and right of the right column.

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  6. Do this by double clicking inside of the cell, then select the appropriate border in the Cell Borders section in the Inspector and set the style to None. Do this for each of the four sides you want to remove. Inside of each cell you can format the text to suit your needs.

    I also like to both horizontally and vertically center the case number in the right column. To vertically center something, use the button with the two arrows pointing from above and below a line. My pleadings generally have some introductory text and then a list of numbered paragraphs.

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    For the numbered paragraphs, simply click the list button in the tool bar. It's easy! Your donation is not tax-deductible but it does support a worthy cause! Good luck! Share this: Like this: Like Loading Inspired By My Trainees Some trainers teach at the speed of light. I prefer to teach at the speed of enlightenment.

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