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Full compatibility with iOS Thanks to the new presentation mode you can show clients your design in a unique, interactive way. Give them an experience to remember! You can present anywhere, anytime, face to face or online, even on a large screen using Airplay and your iPhone or iPad as a remote controller.

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With the the looping feature your device auto-plays a presentation or video gallery at exhibitions and conferences. If you enjoy using BIMx, please give us a five-star rating.

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Also, you have new options for sharing your Hyper-model with your friends and business partners: Several bugs were fixed as usual. Feb 1, Version Information Seller Graphisoft SE. Several North American curtain wall manufacturers reportedly are developing content so that the systems editor can operate on real parts at any desired level of detail. Figure 3. Major innovations in 3D documentation offer dedicated snapshots of cut portions of a model, populated by objects that remain live-linked to the model, and to which you can apply associative dimensions and annotations.

The Edit mode supports creation of new content as well as changing any element within an existing design.

Archicad 12: Heavy-duty Virtual Building Application

A new editing environment enables users to extrude elements along paths on different axes for tremendous geometric flexibility. Everything can be customized using Graphisoft's geometric description language GDL , an open, scriptable tool for creating and publishing parametric content — although it should be noted that GDL is not for the novice programmer or the faint of heart.

As with most technological developments, early BIM processes mimicked existing 2D, drawing-based work flows in much the same way that automobiles initially were conceived as horseless carriages. Most BIM modeling tools have a method for extracting, reporting, or otherwise deriving traditional-looking 2D drawing views from the model, and ArchiCAD is no exception. However, ArchiCAD 12 provides significant new support for the industry's increasing tendency toward 3D documentation.

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Figure 4. Among ArchiCAD 12's many production and publishing enhancements, image fills and user-creatable translucent fills are especially useful for presentations.

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One is partial structure display, whereby any view or component can be published as architectural which includes all building elements , framing which excludes finishes , or structure only. These multiple display modes enhance project team communication and workflow, especially across multiple disciplines architecture and structural engineering.

Any of these 3D display modes can be used as the basis for associative dimensioning, ensuring that data critical to various engineering analysis programs is transmitted along with the building geometry.

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ArchiCAD's existing marquee tool and cutting planes supported the creation of detailed 3D views of any part of the building model, but the capture window for 3D documents in ArchiCAD 12 creates a dedicated snapshot, similar to a section figure 3 in which all components remain live objects to which one can apply associative dimensions and annotations. These 3D documents remain linked to the model and reflect any changes in the model.

The Big Picture 1. To summarize, ArchiCAD 12 offers significant breakthroughs in 2.

For users of earlier versions, ArchiCAD 12 will be a must-have upgrade. For anyone contemplating a transition from drawing-based processes to model-based workflow, ArchiCAD 12 deserves to be high on the shopping list. Users of competing BIM modeling solutions might want to take another look at everything ArchiCAD has to offer in this latest incarnation. Highly Recommended. In her easy-to-follow, friendly style, long-time Cadalyst contributing editor Lynn Allen guides you through a new feature or time-saving trick in every episode of her popular AutoCAD Video Tips.

All exclusively from Cadalyst!

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