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The Mackie is similar to the Behringer above, but actually has one less fully controlled channel, so 5 main inputs, but still 4 of which are XLR. It has all the same inline features, except for compression — something which can easily be added in post production in very little time anyway. Tell me in the comments below: What mixer are you using, and how do you find it? Look forward to hearing from you! Colin has been teaching people how to podcast since He's worked with Universities, businesses and hobbyists alike. He started The Podcast Host to share his experience and to help as many people as possible get into Podcasting.

He runs Podcraft , to spread the art of podcasting, and does the Mountain Bikes Apart podcast whenever he can. Who doesn't like to talk bikes, after all! The Alesis was good until the digital interface died.

I had the same problem... but now is ok

The ProFX is a good balance between the two. Keep it up! Now for myself I bought a decent inexpensive condenser phantom power mic which works fine. Is there a way to connect these to the Xenyx so I can do a 3 mic set up? Do I need a different mixer for 3 mics, or would better mics going into an XLR splitter work as channel 2? Condensers normally need phantom power, and so only work with an XLR connection. What model of microphones are they? Ive been doing a show with one mic and some friends as others have stated but i run into the problem of quiets vs shouters.

Or even the We typically have people and having a mixer with full xlr inputs and condensers for that many people was a bit out of our range especially for a starting podcast. Most of the tips i get are just go for it but this post is nice as it accommodates different goals and experience levels. For a big group like that, especially if there are shouters involved, then dynamic microphones into a mixer like the Xenyx or the would do the trick perfectly.

You could run into trouble from that with a set of 4 condenser microphones. I will also need to be able to add a music track for the intro and outro but this can be done in post. Would the Behringer Xenyx work for this? Quick answer Kelsey, yes it would! The Xenyx mixer works excellently for podcasting, and it could accomodate all of those channels no problem. Thanks for the site and podcasts. Very helpful for a guy like me just starting out and trying to figure out all this podcasting and audio stuff. I will be recording podcasts in one of two ways depending on my situation.

I prefer not to record directly into a computer, and I like to do as much live as possible, and have as little as possible to work on in post. Also, fader and not knobs. This being the case:. Seven months later, have you changed any of your recommendations, or are there any mixers you have added to the list? If I am understanding correctly, they do not have USB or Firewire and are not designed to be connected to a computer without an interface of some sort.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with MacBook / Logic Pro

Could you speak to this difference? How do mixers like these compare to USB mixers apart from connectivity? Should I be looking for one over the other? Are there advantages or disadvantages to either? I like the stability and flexibility of a DAR. But I am also new to all this and would love your thoughts on any and all of this. I think it might be helpful to readers, too. Thanks for everything, including your thoughts and time. In all of my online research, yours is one of only a few sites I have actually bookmarked.

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Hey Dan, thanks for the detail — really interesting! To answer your core question, no, there is no difference really between a USB and a non-USB mixer apart from the connectivity. I was just wondering if you could expand a bit on the use of audio interfaces in the context of podcasts? I thought a mixer would be sufficient but now see an audio interface is what will actually connect a mixer to the computer. Thanks in advance for any input! These need to go into your computer via an adapter of some kind.

This might just be a sound card — ie. Similarly with firewire mixers, and they can even transfer in separate tracks so that you retain a lot of control over the recording. I would like to start a podcast, but not sure what equipment to buy. The majority of my podcasts will be centered on Skype interviews or a podcast with me and a cohost. I thinking of buying a Blue Yeti as my microphone.

Do you suggest I buy a mixer and digital recorder? Hi Martin, with that kind of budget it would certainly be worth thinking about the mixer and recorder podcasting setup. Plus, the reliability for me is key. Not relying on slightly flaky software which can crash and lose you an hour long interview. I am going to do some remote podcasts at events with the public… I want to record the podcasts directly to garageband with my Mac. I want to use USB mics and plug them directly into my laptop without a mixer.

I have experience in instrument recording, but not vocal recording so I used what I had. A Presouns Firepod with 8 inputs using Cubase as my mixer and recording program. There is no FX send our Aux out…or not that I can see. I recorded, then edited in Audacity and then output to a company website in Mp3 format. I plan to record into a digital recorder and then do post in Audacity and mix out to Mp3 for uploading. In the setup you describe though, how do you bring Skype into the mixer? Are you bringing it out of the computer? Both the Tascam and Zoom are hand held portables.

As my show will be Is there a desktop model in same price range or would you suggest just going with the handheld? You bring Skype out of the computer into the podcast mixer via the standard headphone out. Plug a 3. To be honest though, any of the Tascam or Zoom recorders will do the job very well! I have a new MacPro and IPad. My initial thoughts were to buy a Focusrite 6i6 and record directly into the MacPro.

Second option would be at pickup a Zoom H5 and record directly into it, edit later in Audition. After reading your book, the idea of recording live makes sense for a reduced workflow in post. I will want to add Skype interviews into the mix and the occasional live co-host. Adding the Zoom and the mixer should cover that.

Thanks for the post, its somewhat helped my brain but not entirely. I am starting up a couple of podcasts, mainly to help out a couple of groups i am a member of to share information and be interactive with members on a monthly basis and such. I have come across a mixer I am interested in but something has been confusing me. With the Behringer XUSB if i plug in 4 mics and a ipad for intro and outro music and hook it into the surface I intend to use, it will actually record all of the mics and such into one stereo file?

If that is the case I am tempted to cough up and get the zoom r24 instead. Now, my question has to do with recording with multiple tracks, see ideally I would like each of us to have our own individual track, and special effects and music on a third, and guests on Skype on a fourth. If so, how would one go about setting it up, and what equipment would be needed? I would really appreciate some feedback if you have time. I am currently in the process of researching for for the setup of my first podcast.

I would like my sound to be as professional as possible however I have limited budget as do most people. I know the Zoom is a really great versatile unit and offers some compression etc. I will be doing most of my podcasts with myself and one other guest either in person or via skype. Would the Zoom H5 be enough to produce a good sound or would u recommend I invest in a mixer in addition to the Zoom.

Also apart from the zoom and a potential mixer is there any other gear I am missing? I plan on using Audacity,. That will be more than ample for getting you started. A mixer would also be useful for having more than one guest on the show at a time. Hi Colin. This post is Great! I really love your website. Ok, so here are my questions. A bit specific but I am certain you can help with at least the basic parts of it. When we have our producer with us he does all the interface work with his personal mixer since he is able to visually look at all the set up on Logic and all that.

My question is about the H6 as an audio interface. I know it can be used but I am not sure how to do this. I have tried plugging it into my HP Spectre which I often use to edit the shows recorded without a producer and had a family member set it up as an audio interface. My question is if there is something on the software side of things that I am missing? Should I change any of the settings on either GoldWave or Audacity in order to accommodate the H6 as an interface?

Also, will this leave me with separate tracks for each of the SM58s I use? My last question is about Pamela for Skype. I use my H6 to record Skype interviews but I have just gotten a Blue Yeti as it makes it easier to record Skype without always having to pull out and set up the H6, XLR cables, mics, etc. Do you think Pamela is a good option as the website says it can record as WAV files?

I would prefer that as it would give me better audio resolution when editing. Guess my question is if you think it is worth spending more money on Pamela or should I keep using the simple and great MP3 Skype Recorder? Thanks again for your help and I would love to hear your comments on our Podcast. All the best and thanks for this awesome website!

Hey Maximiliano, thanks for the kind words and really looking forward to checking out your podcast. Regarding your Skype question, as you say yourself it is always better to work with WAVs, as each time you edit an MP3 file it can add unwanted artifacts to your recording. Great article, Colin. I am using a digital recorder and am purchasing a yamaha mixer with some nice mics. Thanks much, Bernie. Hi Matthew. I will try the interface with goldwave later today and will change the devise preferences as you explained. If I will be using more than 2 mics is the process the same? For example, I often have 3 mics being used 1 for myself, for my cohost, and one for our producer who jumps in from time to time.

If I use the stereo setting will that just simply mix all 3 tracks into a single stereo file? If I want in fact an individual audio stem for each should I use the mono setting? Thanks also for your suggestion about MP3 Skype Recorder. As it stands I am very comfortable with the audio quality I get with it. I do wish it had better res but it does the job well enough.

All the best and thanks again for your time and for this great website. It truly has been a great resource for my research once I decided to do the Podcast with much better gear than when we first started. This is a great article! Thanks so much for posting it. I have some questions. The trouble I am having is finding a decent set of headphone mics that will work good with this mixer. We prefer headphones over traditional mics as we would like to record our talking while gaming and yet still be able to hear each other over the headphones.

Do you have any suggestions for this? Also would a headset with 3. Hi Troy, this article might help answer your questions https: Or am I really over thinking this haha. It would just be cool to have their audio separate from ours but make the experience as easy for the guest as possible. Im mostly concerned with the idea of supporting headphones for each mic. For radio style talk show broadcasting.

Im old school kinda. But i need two have at least three mics and a set of cans for each. Behringer make something that does the same job; http: You can plug in a couple of SM 58 mics into separate channels for interviews or mulit-mic setups, and mix them later in Audacity. It also offers phantom power channels for condenser mics and hi-z input for electric guitar.

Question and a comment: We record our podcast into a Mackie ProFx12 major overkill for our little podcast! Then export that to Audacity to edit. I tried a couple of good dynamic mics, and exactly the same issue. Yet, I can hear every little background sound in my headphones.

Why is this?

XENYX- How Do I Set Up My USB Mixer To Record With My Computer?

Are the mixers just set up more for things like instruments? Hi Jeff. This is a common gripe in podcasting. I did a lot of podcasting a few years ago and want to get back into it as I have a few ideas for new shows. I purchased the Mackie mixer you mention above but I have been having problems getting the sound to come through clearly when I connect the audio output from my PC and also when I connect my mobile phone. The sound when speaking into my microphone through any of the channels is fine, no problems there. Do you know why this might be happening? Thanks for the reply.

Interestingly, yes, the problem was the cable. Great to hear you got it sorted Ed! Yeah cables are a bit of a dark art. What was the name of the one that caused the issues? Hey im starting a podcast for 4 people. Please advise. Hi, are you looking to record 4 people at the same time in the same location? It has the live mixing capabilities for live signal routing during the recording process, but it also has a multitrack capability that captures the digital audio right off of the preamps.

Looks like a great bit of gear without a doubt. I would love some more input.

Setup USB Mixer on a Mac | Blog

I have a zoom h4n and a mackie profx8v2 and I use my surface pro 3. Just really confused on setting everything up properly. My mic is the audiotechnica atr This leads me to believe the is not sending back the full audio over usb, just the input 1 microphone, or am I nuts? I have H4N Pro as well connected to Tape out and it works fine. Happy with how everything works, but concerned something must be wrong. Hi Kevin, thanks for the question. Are you making sure that the levels and gain are a decent level on all channels?

All 4 XLR inputs would be used full time with mics. My question is what happens on the off chance that a 5th person would like to join us for the evening? Does the mixer have the capability to switch any of the line level inputs into a mic input? If not, which would you recommend: Hi Neil. You can plug a dynamic mic into one of the line inputs yes. Was just wondering if you could offer some advice, I currently operate a film podcast with 2 other friends, 3 of us in total. When we started we just used a Samson Q2U USB microphone plugged straight in to the laptop and recorded using audacity.

But now I would like to get our podcast sounding better by using a mixer. Looking at the Yamaha mixer you suggested on here, it only has 2 XLR connections, so could I then plug another mic through the other line in connections? Then connect it to the laptop. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Hi Andrew. You Can plug a dynamic mic into the line in yes. Can you point me to your cable routing? That is until I did a test recording and played it back.

My intro audio features some parts that are panned hard left then right, left sounds fine; right sounds weak and distorted but only when I play back a recording of the mix. I did some test calls also with Skype and Zoom video conferencing, sounding great on both ends with no mix minus. Great post, Colin. Not sure if you guys are still accepting comments but I have a question about my current setup and whether anything here could improve it.

Any tips for my setup — would it be worth upgrading my mics or mixer, and is there some kind of driver I need to download to be able to separate my channels coming in from the USB mixer to be edited separately on my laptop? Hi Derek, were you unable to get yourself and your co-host on independent channels in Audition, or just your Skype guests? This is a video of me setting up multiple mics in Audition using another USB device the Scarlett 18i8 https: Thanks Matthew! I think this may have solved my issue… I will give this a try with my mixer! Colin, I am trying to set up my mixer with my laptop to do sports broadcasting.

What should I do? Do I need drivers, or is the mixer itself wrong? These tips are great! Just need an idea of what equipment I need in terms of a mixer. The Yamaha MG10 sounds right? And also what software should I be using on my mac to record? Logic pro? Hi I co-host a podcast called Jack of no Trades and we record remotely for the most part. My question is that if I use the mix-minus technique through skype or hangouts is the audio quality of my co-host going to be significantly worse than if he just recorded locally?

I found this post useful in finding a mixer so thanks for that and hopefully you can help me out! There are a few tools online now that record locally. Purchased the Yamaha model mentioned here to replace my old Alesis MultiMix The Alesis served me well for many years but was no longer recognized by the computer — Alesis stopped updating the drivers in , with FireWire unfortunately a thing of the past.

The Yamaha seems OK when recording, have everything set pretty much the way I did before — 2 XLR mics, for me and the co-host, and then a mix-minus set up to record a Skype guest. Using barely any gain on the mics and the main mix around half, recorded a podcast and the result is almost totally unlistenable due to so much distortion and crackling in the mix.

Am I doomed to this distorted sound using this thing?

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Do you have any recommendations? Very disappointed. Hi Boz, sounds like something has gone wrong somewhere as you say. Were you able to try a process of elimination using different cables, mics, computer, etc? My group is starting a podcast that will later transfer into doing youtube segments as well, we need a sound board that can handle up to 6 local microphones. Anyone deal with a group this big and know the hardware solution? And does the soundboard hook right up to a laptop with audacity?

The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 https: Hi, Im trying to record a podcast using 4 Yeti mics, but cannot get a mac or pc to pick up the individual channels. Had better luck on PC but still cannot get the separate mics to work, any ideas? Im using Adobe Audition. Is there a USB mixer with usb inputs for the my 4 usb mics? It is possible to get 2 USB mics working into the same computer at once see https: Hello Thanks for the great info.

I am using a Yamaha Mc06 I think and trying to record a Skype podcast using audacity. I can get the voices of myself and my guest into my Monitors fine but I cannot get Audacity to record my skype co hosts voice. Not sure what I am doing wrong since I hear Everything fine in my headset but only my voice gets recorded. Any help is appreciated. Is there much fundamental difference in a USB mixer vs a non-usb mixer with a USB interface like a focus rite scarlett?

Hi Adam. Hi, glad I found this posting, thanks! Can you tell me where you put the mixer in your signal chain? Does it make sense going via the main XLR balanced out from the Behringer mixer? Hi Mike. Balanced is always a better choice. Wow very excited to find your post. I tried to figure out a multi mic approach with out a mixer, and ended up with two yeti blues that I need to return. I picked up a Behringer Xenyx , and boy did it solve the problems.

With a two mic setup, is it possible to isolate each mic as a different input once it goes into the computer or off the board? With the way the setup is, I have on track with both mics. I actually have some videos on this inside The Podcast Host Academy. This is a great article, and I really appreciate all of the wonderful information that you are sharing. Sep 7, 8: Sep 7, Sep 10, 7: Communities Contact Support.

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Mayumi Fukunaga Mayumi Fukunaga. I need some kind of jack to usb cable, can you give me the name and suggest a decent brand? More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: HangTime HangTime. I've never used it, but I recall someone in this forum mentioning using it, and Behringer is a good brand. Hope that helps. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Is there another brand made?